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Slots are very popular games amongst those who are familiar to casinos. Even though casinos were around for a long time now, slots is a relatively modern game, appeared in the 1990's when the technology got to the point where the slot machine could be built and it could be profitable. Later on it conquered the world, being everywhere from the USA to Australia. It had many names, one of the best nicknames given to the game was: "The one armed bandit", because it was known to leave a person without change.

After the progress of technology and the appearance of the internet, online slots became very popular. The game didn't really change very much, the rules are simple: pay, spin, and hope for a win. Even though the game isn't really this simple, it is one of the simplest games in the casinos. It doesn't have a complex logic and rules behind the game, it's not hard to play and it is lots of fun. No wonder casinos bought hundreds of these machines.

Real slots are quite easy to play. There is a machine with a screen similar to the TV screens. It has a leaver or a button. Also there is a small place where the person can put in the money, usually not a big amount, only some change. After the money had been placed in, the game can start. There are several columns in the screen with different patterns. If in the middle row there are the same patterns than the player won. There are also lots of variations of this game. In the old days it was harder to build a slot machine but now it is quite easy, therefore they can play around with different patterns, the number of columns and even when the player wins.

In the online casino slots are all operated by one central software, which operates basically everything in the casino. Since the whole online casino is operated by a platform everything is a program with graphic interface which the player sees and uses to play the games. Since today computing became an essential part of the world, and there are many programmers who don't really accept a limit in computing, the world of the internet indeed has no limits. The number of slot machines can be infinite.

There had been casinos appearing which offer only slot machines to gamble with. In these casinos players can find over 200-300 of slot machines, every one with a different pattern, number of columns and ways of winning. This is why many choose to play online rather than in traditional casinos.

Playing online slots has other advantages also. First of all slot machines are found in casinos. Many might find going into casinos hard: for first issue there is the travel. If someone has to travel hundreds of miles to a casino just to play some slots, they might reconsider. Also in a casino people have to be dressed appropriately. But online slots can be found anywhere. It doesn't matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection - which isn't hard to find our days. You can be sitting at work being bored, or you could be enjoying your coffee between two business meetings: you just pop up your lap top and play some exiting slots. Also who cares how are you dressed? You might be playing from the privacy of your home of from a net-club, no one knows, and no one cares. You don't have to drive and you don't have to suffer the people you don't like. You are on your own with your computer and having fun while making some extra cash.

Still many say that it isn't the real deal, and that online slots doesn't have the real fling which turn them on when playing. Indeed traditional casinos have a sort of "air" which is unique. The elegance, the glamour, everything which is in a land based casino is unique and nothing really can replace it.

So in the end it really depends on you whether you want to play online or offline. Both of the games have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to play in a normal casino, make sure you have enough cash with you, and that you have a big bucket for change in case you win. If you are playing online make sure you have deposited enough money or that you know where to stop. Online depositing might make a player to gamble all of his money and then the other day to feel bad about it. Set a limit and don't go over it. Also make sure you are playing in the right casino. Enjoy your stay, which is the most important thing: to feel good.

Remember, slot machines can be tricky. If you are willing to play online you might want to consider reading about slots tips and advice how to maximize your chance of winning. There are hundreds of websites where you can read about the game and how to increase your chance of winning. Also if you don't have an account in an online casino you might want to read about them: if you are an exclusively slot machine player you indeed want to play in the casino where you can find the most and the best slot machines on the internet.

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